As described previously the growth process of AMHRCs can be

As the response contour presented in Fig. 2B, it Cisplatin was obviously demonstrated that MJ concentration around 150 μM and exposure time around 18 h were in favor of AG production. The decrease of AG yield under high elicitor concentration (150–500 μM) or long duration (18–24 h) was likely ascribed to the irreversible metabolic damage or the death of plant cells/organs under the severely elicitation conditions [10] and [13]. Based on the built quadratic model (data not shown), the optimal elicitation conditions were obtained as follows: MJ concentration 157.4 μM and exposure duration 18.4 h. When the predicted parameters were actually implemented to 34 day-old AMHRCs, the total AG yield achieved was 5.5 ± 0.13 mg/g DW, which was a good agreement with the value (5.6 mg/g DW) forecasted by the theoretical model. Therefore, the elicitation conditions obtained were reliable and practical. Moreover, urine is worth mentioning that MJ-elicited AMHRCs (Fig. 3B) showed a significant indication of stress (browning color in root tissues) in comparison to the corresponding non-treated control cultures (Fig. 3A).