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The need to produce adipic Ezetimibe and other value added chemicals through a sustainable route is greater than ever [16], [26], [27], [42] and [58]. Production of adipic acid through biological routes has drawn much attention. One of the biological routes is fermenting renewable substrates into either cis,cis-muconic acid, or d-glucaric acid followed by chemical conversion to adipic acid [36], [37], [38], [60] and [63]. However, it is desirable to produce the high yield of adipic acid directly by fermenting substrates rather than multiple steps for cost savings purpose. The companies that hold patents in this area are performing this task either through conversion of triacyl-glycerides (coconut oil) into adipic acid by oxidation of long chain substrates [26], or the conversion of glucose to adipic acid by the reverse adipate degradation pathway [28]. Currently, the yield of adipic acid produced directly from substrates biologically is still very low. However, with the rapid growth of biotechnologies, the problem would be solved very soon.