How to clean CPAP machines. Vinegar, chlorine bleach, how and how often? Ozonated water can...

I wouldn't recommend cleaning any disposable CPAP or BIPAP accessories (the "mask" and line are usually sold as a single piece) with anything other than distilled water and a damp cloth.

Since these accessories are made from plastics, anything acidic can cause the plastic to begin breaking down and severely shorten their lifespan.

Just leaving your mask/line in the sun, exposed to UV rays, will eventually destroy them. That's generally what causes the plastic to start discoloring from a clear finish to a hazy yellow and start to become brittle.

As for "sanitizing" the equipment, it simply isn't practical to completely sanitize plastic of this nature. All treatments that would normally be used for sterilization (extremely high temperature, exposure to UV rays, chemicals) will all do damage the material in some way, shorten its lifespan and possibly expose you to inhaling more plastic fumes than you should be.

I hate to sound like a salesperson for the CPAP manufacturer, but you really should completely replace accessories for your CPAP or BIPAP machine as often as is practical. Hope this helps!