Make your tweets more interesting by adding photos; the top Twitter photo web applications

While it is important to make sure you are tweeting quality tweets sometimes the old saying is true:

A photo is TOTALLY worth a thousand words.

And well, a thousand words definitely has more than 140 characters.

So you want to share a photo with the Twitteverse. It's not only easy but fun! All you need is a good photo uploading application and because I am incredibly thoughtful here is the rundown on the best (in my opinion) photo applications for web use.


This is what I use so it must be awesome. You can post pictures to TwitPic from your phone, our API, or through the site itself. There are also popular twitter clients that have built-in support for TwitPic.


Another great application for sharing photos and videos on Twitter. It's user friendly and the main page even shows which celebrities are using it and has links to their Yfrog pages (the voyeur in you loves this; admit it!).


Your Twitgoo page will look like your Twitter page: a text box, a constantly refreshing stream of photos uploaded by other Twitgoo users. It asks "What are you lookin' at?" and you better have a good answer.


My favorite feature on Tweetphoto is that your home page will update any time one of the people you follow uploads a photo to the site. Now that's cool!

These are the most popular photo web applications for Twitter. All you need to sign up for one of these applications is to have a Twitter account. It's that easy and it's that awesome.

Just please do this for me - Don't tweet photos of your cat sleeping. On the pile of clothes in your living room. On its back like a human. Seriously. Don't.