How To Get Started For Mera Peak Climbing Adventure

How To Get Started For Mera Peak Climbing Adventure

Mera peak is the highest trekking peak in the Khumbu Valley. Situated on the edge of Khumbu valley and dominated by Mt. Everest, lures all the adventure seekers. Mera Peak is one of the most alluring trekking peaks in Nepal as it involves a culturally stimulating journey through remote picturesque villages and forests followed by a gentle climb to the summit.  It is perhaps best known because it is Nepal’s highest trekking peak.
The Mera Peak Climbing comes at the end of a week-long trekking and acclimatization programme designed to give you the best possible chance of an enjoyable yet successful journey.


Mera Peak, as the highest trekking peak in Nepal minimal mountaineering experience is necessary. At the base of Mera Peak Climbing Adventure there will be plenty of time to cultivate skill with an ice axe and crampons which will be the main equipment utilized in our ascent, if needed a day or two can be set aside for preparations and training. It is one of the most popular peak climbs because it is quite strait forward with the biggest danger being acclimatization; the central summit has the most traffic and is a little more difficult than the Northern summit which is actually the highest and annually has the fewest amounts of trekkers.


Due to its comparative ease, excellent views and the topographic variety, the Mera Peak Climbing has established itself as a very popular trekking destination for trekkers all around the world. Mera Peak Climbing Adventure offers a chance for an uncomplicated but scenic and challenging climb for those without previous peak climbing experience. This high altitude adventure requires a reasonable level of fitness as well we be climbing to high altitudes providing the best views of the Everest region .This is an ideal way to take your trekking passion to the next level while viewing the world’s highest mountain peaks as you learn more about the regional cultures, terrain, lifestyle and peak climbing strategies with an experienced guide and staff.


The only skill you need to climb Mera peak is your excellent physical fitness and an extrovert sense of adventure. GO FOR NEPAL TREKS & EXPEDITION provides the best of adventure at Mera Peak in Nepal. Our Mera peak itinerary has been carefully designed to allow gradual acclimatization for the climbers. Our unrivalled service, quality equipment, food, trekking staff and an experienced leader ensure that your Mera trip will be a lifetime adventure experience in Nepal.


Mera Peak Climbing Adventure ensures that you have every possible chance of success climbing Mera Peak and glorying in reaching the summit of your dreams. So start your adventure journey now!