How many different airlines are there in the world? what are the names of the ones you know?

GENERALUnited States

1TRNX1Time AirlineNEXTIMESouth Africa

WYT2 Sqn No 1 Elementary Flying Training SchoolUnited KingdomRoyal Air Force

TFU213 Flight UnitRussia

CHD223 Flight Unit State AirlineCHKALOVSK-AVIARussia

TTF224th Flight UnitCARGO UNITRussia

TWF247 Jet LtdCLOUD RUNNERUnited Kingdom

SEC3D AviationSECUREXUnited States

Q5MLA40-Mile AirMILE-AIRUnited States


THD611897 Alberta LimitedDONUTCanada

1BAbacus InternationalSingaporeComputer reservation system

W9AABAbelag AviationABGBelgium

6UACXAir Cargo GermanyGermany

AADAero Aviation Centre Ltd.SUNRISECanadaCeased operati