In the Context of Social Development in Odisha

In the Context of Social Development in Odisha

Rural development is becoming an essential part of overall social development in Odisha. Different strategies and model projects are being implemented in the remote villages of the state. For empowering the rural communities, Bansidhar & Ila Panda Foundation is working actively. A number of projects are currently implemented in different regions by this organization. Most of the developmental approaches of BIPF are focusing on socio-economic growth of the rural communities.

Aspects of Social Work in Rural Communities of Odisha:

For better results, all these efforts need an efficient strategy and continuity. The following points are common to most of the developmental strategies.

•    Identify – Recognizing all the scope of work, opportunities and barriers has to be planned in the initial stage. It helps in preparing an efficient strategy for social development in Odisha.

•    Strategize – Analyzing the data and preparing a strategy on that basis has the potential to give adequate results. As per the availability of the resources, strategies are prepared.

•    Implement – All the verified ways need to be put into practice sooner. It is essential to verify the reach of the program is easily accessible by the real beneficiaries.

•    Measure – Evaluating the process in a regular basis is associated to every effort of social work in rural communities of Odisha.

•    Breakthrough – Implementing all the advanced technologies boosts the prospective of the programmes.

BIPF is continuously strategizing and implementing resourceful developmental programmes in the state. These programmes are having positive results towards socio-economic development of the state.