Review Escort Max 360

Review Escort Max 360

Escort Max 360 is simply the best of the best radar detector at this time. Why?. There are many reason why we choose this radar detector as the top radar detector at this time. So let’s check those reason with this article

Reason 1: Top Range Detection

Do you want to know which is the longest range radar detector at this time. Escort Max 360 is the answer. With advanced technology DSP ( digital signal processing), Max 360 can reach it’s range to maximum detection. With digital signal processing, you not only enhance your radar detector but you can also make radar detector become more accurate. Digital signal processing is only for the top radar detector. That’s one of the reason why we choose Escort Max 360 is one of the top radar detector at this time

Reason 2: Top Accurate

Want to know a radar detector which only give you the most accurate alert. Escort Max 360 is the best candidate. Don’t believe me. Let’s look at those filter alert features. Escort Max has GPS , community sharing. Those are best features for removing fake alert at this time. GPS really can help Escort Max 360 reach new level. Why? Because GPS can filter all fake alert from false warning location. Those false warning location will be in Escort Max 360 database. Filtering out them seem so easy with Escort Max 360. Community sharing can make a good jobs in both detection and false alert filter job. Community sharing of Escort Max 360 is called Escort Live. Escort Live will let’s you know how the perfect protection is. With real time alert, Escort Live will make sure you can know what will happen to you if you go in this way. Escort Live works based on real user so that you can trust those information.

Reason 3. Arrow Direction

Arrow direction is the top of detection feature at this time. While normal detection only show you whether radar speed gun appear or not, arrow directional detection will show you exact location of radar speed gun. With exact location of radar speed gun, you will know where you can drive. Arrow direction will guide you to drive in the right way. Arrow direction detection is the unique feature. Now, it only is available in two top radar detector now. Those are Valentine One V1 and Escort Max 360. 

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