What is the Difference Between Xbox 360 Models?

Posted by vazquezwaclnpbcwbdarticles, 4 years ago

By December, all the 20 GB models should be phased out of shops and all new 360 Premium revenue is likely to be in the 60 GB model.

Almost any kind of new out with the box xbox 360 will feature the up-to-date hardware. When it is lower, then you have the original set.

Post August 31, 2008 Premium Models

Beginning following August, Microsoft changed their own premium models to incorporate a 60 GB version. However, if a person are like me and can't quit getting new songs pertaining to Rock Band as well as hate to be able to delete even the particular worst demo, you might be filling in which up as well.

The 20 GB hard disk is actually relatively small, nevertheless