Hotel Beddings: How Clean Are They in the Hotel You’re Staying In?

Hotel Beddings: How Clean Are They in the Hotel You’re Staying In?

Clean beddings are a major concern form most hotel guests, especially those with sensitive skin and compromised respiratory and immune systems. It is also essential for getting a good night’s rest. When you’re travelling to Cagayan de Oro, there are many different good quality hotels to choose from, in and around the city, from affordable hotels near Laguindingan Airport to five-star luxury hotels located in the downtown area.


But, even with excellent online reviews, high praises, and recommendations from friends and colleagues, and excellent rates, how certain are you that the beddings in the hotels are constantly fresh and clean?  


There are many types of sheets and beddings, but there are two basic types that most hotels generally use on their guestroom beds: Egyptian cotton and Tencel. Many luxurious hotels use the former over any other type of fabric for their sheets and beddings. It provides strength and exceptional comfort.


Tencel, on the other hand, is composed of a variety of man-made fibers that is also rather common in most hotels, bed & breakfasts, and inns. It offers relaxation and comfort the “green” way, since it’s made from renewable sources.


Is There a Standard as to How Often Hotel Beddings Are Changed?


The issue, however, is not whether the sheets are made from Egyptian cotton or Tencel; rather, hotel guests are concerned about how often they are changed or how clean they are. The cleanliness of the hotel is one of the major elements to an enjoyable and relaxing stay. However, contrary to popular belief, hotels don’t generally change linens on a daily basis, except of course if there’s a change in occupancy or if a guest requests it.


Most hotels typically change beddings every three days, but policies regarding linen change vary between hotels and hotel chains. The reason why guestroom sheets are not changed on a daily basis is based on two factors. One is that it reduces energy consumption since washing tons of linen every day can be a major waste and impractical. The second is that it saves hotels a great deal of money; money that can be spent for something else, like improving the hotel’s facilities and maintenance.


Although environment concerns are one of the reasons why hotel bed sheets are no longer changed on a daily basis, it doesn’t really provide any comfort or peace of mind for guests who are still worried if they’re lying on fresh, clean beddings or not. The fact of the matter is, there is no surefire way to really be certain if the linens in your hotel room are fresh or not. Experts do suggest that if you’re staying in a hotel for several days, you should have your linens changed at least once to make sure that they remain clean throughout your stay.


As hotels take in hundreds of guests per month, it is important to make sure that you are staying in a room that has been cleaned and properly sanitized, especially when it comes to the sheets. You can never be too cautious when hygiene is concerned.