Competitive Gymnastics for Young Girls: What to Expect.

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Competitive Gymnastics is not for everyone. It requires a sizable time commitment from at least one parent and as I stated earlier, it can be expensive. If your child is asked to be on a competitive gymnastics team and she is only four-years-old, don't fret about her age. If you are at a quality gym, they will take excellent care in teaching her properly. Most likely your young daughter will be starting out in Level 1, 2 or 3 which are really just about having fun and learning to compete. Depending on which competitive region you are in, once they hit Level 4, that's when the real competition starts. (see link below to USA Gymnastics)

Gymnastics is not the "dangerous" sport that people make it out to be. All sports come with injuries, that's the nature of competition. Competition can cause anxiety, depression, anger, frustration and pain, but so can romantic love. Kids hanker for competition because they like to feel proud of themselves and let's face it, winning is fun. If you are at a crossroads about whether or not you should allow your child to compete, find someone who was a competitive gymnast and ask them their opinion. Then start searching for the right gym!

Final thought: Don't assume that because your daughter does beautiful cartwheels in the front yard and climbs the walls that she has the talent of Shannon Miller. Allow the coaches to do the evaluating. When your daughter is asked to join the team, allow the coaches to do the coaching. They are the experts!

Good Luck!

If you have any questions, feel free to send them my way!

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