What's wrong with the Simpson PS3228-S Pressure Washer?

Q) What's the dimensions for storage?

A) Without the hose, the PS3228-S is 35" wide and 23" high.

Q) The high pressure hose - Does it connect to the top or the side or the bottom?

A) Its clearly marked on the washer as # 1 as the connection for the garden hose on the left side and the high pressure hose is attached to the back on #2 port.

Q) Is the engine loud?

A) That's one reason I bought it. No engines are dead quiet but Honda engines are quieter than most.

Q) Is it possible to adjust the pressure on the PS322-S or has the factory set it at 3200PSI.

A) You can turn it down to 1600PSI and then use a combination of the different nozzles to decrease it further.

Q) Is the high pressure hose fitting screw on or quick connect?

A) Standard as screw on, suggest buying with the PS3228-S the optional quick connect high pressure hose?

Q) Does the PS3228-S come standard with the high pressure hose and optional spray nozzles?

A) Yes, arrives at your door from the factory complete with high pressure hose and nozzles.

Q) What's the horsepower of this Honda engine?

A) 6.5HP.

Q) Can you put hot water into the water inlet?

A) Good question. It's recommended for cold water only. Some pressure washers will take up to 60 degrees, but you may breach your warranty if you try this.

Q) How much is the PS3229-S's boxed shipping weight?

A) 75 lbs.

Q) What type of pump does the PS3228-S use?

A) It used the well known ceramic piston Triplex pump. Most pressure washers in this price category use the inferior Axial pump.

Q) Can I use Chlorox through the pressure washer to clean the outside of my log cabin?

A) Chlorax may damage the PS3228-S's seals and gaskets in the pump. That's why its not recommended as its a very harsh bleach. There are other bleaches you can safely use that will quickly clean your log cabin.

Q) Can I buy an extension hose for the Simpson PS3228-S?

A) Sure can and its recommended to make your cleaning job easier than having to move the pressure washer all the time.

Q) Is there a lock on the high pressure hose wand so that I can keep the pressure on?

A) They do have a lock on the spray wand to lock it 'off'. Mainly I guess so kids don't pick it up and do some damage. But not an 'On.' I guess the obvious reason is that if you went over backwards with it locked on it could be fairly dangerous. There's not a lot of danger when you turn it down to 1600PSI though. This is what I use to clean my RV and house. Because the handle can get a little tiring to keep compressed over a long time, I just wind some tape around mine and keep it compressed. That works well.