Ways to Repurpose Used Tea Bags and Coffee Grounds

Used coffee grounds are great for eliminating nasty odors. Toss them down your garbage disposal to freshen it up, and use an uncovered bowl of dried coffee grounds in your refrigerator and freezer instead of buying boxes of baking soda. Alternately, a few used tea bags in the fridge can also prevent unpleasant odors in the fridge.

Outside of the fridge, use a bowl of fruity or spicy leftover tea bags in place of potpourri to scent and deodorize bathrooms and other places in your home that have a tendency to get stinky. Or if you have some patience, empty the bags, thoroughly dry the leaves, and make your own potpourri. You can also fill a nylon sock, cheesecloth, or similar porous reusable material with the dry leaves from used tea bags or dried used coffee grounds and place them in closets, mud rooms, cars, and near litter boxes to deodorize.

Dry tea leaves are a great alternative to spending money on carpet deodorizers. Simply remove the tea leave from the used bag, allow them to dry, and sprinkle them on your rug or carpet before vacuuming as you would with a store-bought carpet deodorizer. Your rugs and carpets will be freshened as will the inside of your vacuum. *Please note that this does not work for used coffee grounds. If you wish to use coffee grounds for your carpet, scatter fresh dry grounds and leave them there for a day before you vacuum.