Grand Canyon Whitewater Offers Kept Quality On Colorado River Rafting Trips

Life on the Colorado River is an ever-changing experience, and although shifts occur and things change, the main things stay. Recently, after 42 years about the river, Diamond River Adventures took on new management and owners, as well as a new name, now operating as Grand Canyon Whitewater. Although you won’t see the name Diamond River Adventures on the river this coming year, you will start to see the company’s heart living on in Grand Canyon Whitewater. And, you’ll see Diamond’s expert guides continuing to generate unforgettable Grand Canyon vacations and experiences to the guests of Grand Canyon Whitewater.

Michael had just graduated from college and yes it was a chance for a father and son bonding experience. One challenging thing regarding the experience personally was that whenever I was Michaels age I had been tossed away from a canoe wanting to shoot white-water rapids in Minnesota coupled with a life-threatening experience. Once I was from the canoe the river kept tumbling me repeatedly and pulling me under giving me only seconds to capture a breath. The experience had been very real to me and I never forgot how fortunate I felt to outlive the rivers forceful pull. Even though I had ended up while on an Outward Bound experience coupled with learned the main difference between “real” fear and “imagined” fear, the concept of shooting rapids in a very raft, inside a strange country, for nine days, was causing some distress for me.

However, the geography of Rishikesh is why the spot a terrific destination. Blessed with untamed rivers originating from some of the high altitude Himalayan glaciers, serene jungles around verdant hillocks as well as the Find Out More some of the toughest pilgrimage roots, Rishikesh is a great holiday destination and a trip to Rishikesh is obviously incomplete without having a fling with ones adventurous streaks. For instance, a flavor of river rafting inside gushing white waters from the mighty Ganges flowing beyond the immaculate green cover is surely an adventure seekers final bliss and then for a journey seeker rafting is within itself a pilgrimage and the path leading to salvation definitely lies inside wild and turbulent river rapids! The Upper New River is fantastic for families with children as young as 6, but is another good primer for beginning whitewater rafters. Rapids on the Upper New are classed I III, that is relatively mild. There are no big drop offs or difficult rapids; just ripples and tame rapids. Self-guided kayaks and 2-person rafts are more manageable with this section.

For the serious rafters, Rishikesh supplies a challenging rafting experience. The stretch which starts from Marine Drive, 25 Kms upstream from Rishikesh is captivating and gives an array of challenging tasks for example cliff jumping points and high end rapids like cashflow, "Three blind mice" etc. This stretch takes about 4 hours and can be referred to as task a person can have.