A Brand New Portable Oxygen Concentrator – That Talks to You!

When most people think of talking machines, they think of old science fiction movies of TV shows. Machines that speak to you are getting more and more mainstream, but we usually just have them in the form of our GPS systems.

We need to be able to hear the directions to take in the car, because having to read them on the screen would be too dangerous. Machines that give verbal prompts are starting to make their way into other types of technology, including the exciting new portable oxygen concentrator by SeQual.

If you are using a portable oxygen concentrator, it's most likely that are doing many other things while you are receiving your daily oxygen therapy. If you use it for many hours out of the day, you are likely doing important things, like making dinner, working or commuting. You don't want to worry about checking things on the control panel, such as how much battery life is left, while you are going about your day. Especially not while driving!

This is where the new SeQual Equinox comes in to save the day. You won't need to look at anything, because the wonderfully convenient verbal confirmations will let you know of any alerts, such as low battery, low oxygen flow and changes in flow rates.

These audio alerts are great, because it's not always easy to be able to glance at your concentrator, and you'll know something as soon as it happens, not just when you happen to glance down at it! This is a safety feature that will also be extremely helpful to those who are blind, or partially blind.

It's extremely important to know if any of these situations occur, because you need to be able to receive the amount of oxygen you need, without interruption. It also might be the case that you accidentally put your concentrator on the wrong setting. The Equinox will confirm while setting it has been changed to, so you will be alerted right away, and change it back to where you need it.

The verbal alerts and confirmations can also be set to communicate in 8 different languages! If your native language is not English and you feel most comfortable using your native language, you might be able to use that instead.

If you are learning a new language but you're not completely comfortable with it yet, you can use whichever language you are more accustomed to. This is important, because you don't want to have to guess what your Equinox is trying to tell you.

Talking machines are no longer a thing of the distant future, and not confined to just GPS devices or cell phones. It is making its way into useful, everyday medical technology, and you can benefit from these great advances in technology first hand.