Senior execs and the value of DeleteMe

Many customers get angry with companies for a slew of reasons and they often blame the people at the top - the senior executives - for their problems. A tiny fraction of these people are hot-headed and in their anger will often “go after” executives. Where in the past they might write a letter to the CEO, today, they instantly fire up Google and try to find executives contact information - and search for as much personal information as they can get. They’ll query for things like:

“Donald J. Trump + CEO Trump Enterprises + Manhattan address”
“Hillary Clinton + Chelsea Clinton + ages + Chappaqua”

The highest displaying results in such “people searches” (10% of all searches on Google are for persons names!) are from special for-profit Data Brokers or Peoplesearch Database companies. These Data Brokers amass (for free) public record information about citizens alongside anything they can crawl for on the Web to assemble a full dossier or digital profile of everyone- often including:

· Pictures of you, your husband / wife, children and parents
· Pictures of your house and estimated net worth in $ of your property
· Names, middle initials, ages of you and your family members
· Email addresses, addresses, past addresses, and phone numbers linked to your identity
· Social media profiles related to your identity

Who are the data brokers “un-protecting” your identity?

These data brokers then slickly advertise they have all this personal information about you and your family and offer sell it - often for less than $5. Some of these companies include:

· BeenVerified
· Spokeo
· Whitepages
· Intelius
· PeopleFinders
· USSearch
· Archives
· PeopleFinders
· PrivateEye
· And more… (’see Abines full list )

Using any of these Data Broker search web sites, when certain customers become angry or feel mistreated, they can act in the heat of the moment and obtain lots of personal information about the people they (unfairly) blame for their situation. They suddenly now have the potential to act on this personal information - through harassing phone calls and emails or worse, through criminal activity. If you do wish to gain additional beneficial info about stop secret data collection, see our link.