Why is it hard to opt-out and protect your privacy and identity online?

To top it off, these web sites are completely legal and there are dozens of large ones who advertise aggressively on Google. Most of the top ones in the US allow you to opt-out of having your information listed (for free) but doing it yourself is a pain because:

· it is a time-consuming and cumbersome process requiring account creation, searching, identifying, requesting removal, faxing in information, and following up to make sure they removed it
· This process has to be repeated - differently - for dozens of different data brokers
· Once you have been successfully opted-out, you are very likely (80%+) to be re-listed again on that same database as their crawlers and grab new information - none of them offer to check that your information stays off of new records

That’s why Abine’s DeleteMe online privacy service was created - to outsource this entire painful process to trusted professionals who have a single business model; consumer privacy protection.

We’ve successfully removed millions of profiles over four years for tens of thousands of satisfied consumers and their families. This experience has made DeleteMethe leader in removing as much publicly searchable personal information from as many places as possible - and in ensuring that information stays private throughout the year.

Of course, DeleteMe is not perfect, and no one can ever remove all information about anyone from the entire Web. However, for those that want a demonstrably lower profile and who have real concerns about people easily finding their personal information online - and acting in harmful ways when they do so, DeleteMe is a great value at less than $15 / month.

DeleteMe is actively protecting senior executives and executive teams in nearly 30% of Fortune 50 companies, and is growing fast.

If you are senior executive such as a VP of HR, head of security or loss prevention, or CEO looking out for her executive team, you should consider a DeleteMe program for all your senior execs - and perhaps as a partially-subsidized benefit for other employee groups.

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