Houston Schools New Teacher Benefit Pay System Can It Help or Hinder?

Houston Schools New Teacher Benefit Pay System Can It Help or Hinder?

Measurement of student achievement through demanding statewide assessment is a huge standard in Texas for quite some time. Houston schools implemented its first merit pay system for teachers in the season 2,000.

Houston Schools think the old program had too low rewards and unanimously passed the new product in January, which makes it the greatest merit pay program in-the region. Officials believe the new pro-gram connections teacher returns more closely to student development and to individual teacher efforts. Other programs have been tried in Denver, Ny and Kentucky with various success, though no research has been done on the impact of such programs on increased pupil achievement.

Houston business leaders, who have a position in graduating potential workers who are high achievers, support-the new Houston schools $14.5 million pro-gram.

Houston schools teacher rewards are based on three components:

The first component is based upon the level of progress of a schools total test scores, as com-pared with scores of 40 other schools throughout the state with similar demographics;

The 2nd examines student progress o-n the Stanford 10 Achievement Test and its Spanish comparable to students in related Houston schools classrooms; and

The 3rd part examines student progress on the statewide Texas Assessment of Skills and Knowledge test to similar Houston schools classrooms.

About half of the 12,300 teachers in the Houston schools qualify for returns in all three classes, possibly making a total of $3,000 each. The 305 Houston schools principals qualify to make as much as $6,000 each, should they have the most effective reaching teachers. Each of the Houston schools 1-9 government concepts and five local superintendents meet the criteria for up to $25,000.

With 210,000 young ones, Houston schools could be the largest region in the state, and its new plan isnt without opposition. To discover additional info, consider checking out: website. For another standpoint, we recommend people have a view at: gun classes for women.

Teachers unions are typically against teacher merit pay programs, and the Houston Federation of Teachers is not any exception. The nation represents 40-percent of the Houston schools teachers and thinks across-the-board raises and a higher starting wage for new teachers would be more productive in increasing student achievement scores. Houston schools start new teachers at $36,050 (lowest in the five major areas in Texas), and the current Houston schools teachers wages are at the lowest end of the nations schools.

Many teachers have complained the plan by-passes arts teachers and the others with subjects not included in the assessment process. This system excludes special education, preschool and kindergarten teachers, who are the backbone in improving academic achievement in kids from families. My brother found out about houston gun ranges by browsing the Internet. If you have an opinion about literature, you will probably desire to discover about chl. In addition, many teachers think that it forces them to teach for the testing requirements in place of focus on real academic achievement.

The new program also has opened old wounds and raised concerns within the previous merit pay program and its effect upon assessment effects, which laid the foundation for a recently exposed cheating scandal. The Texas Education Agency examined the other areas and Houston schools in 1999 as a result of suspicious screening results. Houston schools mentioned last year that proof of cheating had been found at four schools and testing irregularities were found at eight others. Fundamentally, six teachers were fired and a few concepts were demoted or penalized, leaving town bruised and frustrated from the merit pay plan and its following results.

It seems that used it's increasing the same old problems encountered with the last program, though the Houston schools new instructor merit pay program sounds good in theory.

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