It's not fair! Those mean bank people made me carry my own stolen money!  Quote2

Kitten is a villain in Teen Titans Go! who made her debut in The Left Leg.

In The Left Leg, Kitten is seen robbing a bank fairly easily, as she walks out complaining that the bank made her carry her stolen money. The Titans soon arrive while in the Titan Robot and intimidate her to the point where she's disposed to bring back the money by destroying a few of the buildings, and exploding her car. Then Robin gets over jealous and causes the Titan Robot to fall, allowing Kitten to escape.

She makes a cameo appearance in Yearbook Madness where Robin imagines her in a photo in his imaginary yearbook.

Kitten has medium-length blonde hair, light blue eyes and pale peach skin. Her attire is comprised of a pink head band, a pink sleeveless top and short, pale pink skirt. She also wears pink gloves, pink stockings and pale pink boots.

Episode Appearances
Season 1

The Left Leg (debut)
Season 2

Yearbook Madness (cameo)
Season 3

I'm the Sauce
Black Friday (cameo)
Kitten is voiced by Tara Strong, who is also the voice of Raven and Silkie.
In the original series episode, Date With Destiny, her father threatened to destroy the city if Robin did not go to the prom with Kitten.
Unlike the original series, Kitten doesn't wear a pink prom dress, but she wears a villainess outfit. 
Her last name is unknown, as Killer Moth used several aliases in the comics. 
In the original series and comic book she was shown to have a crush on Robin, but it is unknown if she has a crush on Robin in this series.
Unlike the original series, here Starfire does not have any particular resentment toward Kitten.
This can be explained because Kitten is not shown to have an obsession attraction over Robin, and how Starfire most of the time, does not return Robin's feelings.
She is the thirteenth villain from the original series to return. 

Kitten have pink pool and pink bikini.