The dribbling of FIFA 16 were revealed

Costa Rican midfielder Diego Calvo appeared on the cover of Fifa 16 Coins, in a special version made for Norway.The national figure of Rosenborg was injured for two weeks due to a strained ligament in his right knee and therefore did not participate in the last game of his club.The player was pleased with the cover of the video game on his Twitter account.It is not the first time that a tico decorates the top of a video game.In the past, Cristian Bolanos was also chosen for the award in a version that was played only in Denmark.

 The dribbling of FIFA 16 were revealed by the same EA Sports, the company makes four start, little by little we know other important of which take advantage to get rid of rivals, either against the computer or with our adversary, whether online or friend-known.The tricks are suitable for PS3 and Xbox 360 , PC users must set a pad and go to shape the action buttons and the steering. FIFA 16 was released for PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii, 3DS, Vita, PS2 and PSP. Wii U ran out the game for not selling console units.

Buy fifa 16 ultimate team coins here.- Out with toble touch: Make a quarter moon with the right stick and go with the left stick.- Hide the ball and pass: Hold R1/RB, touch the pass button and hold the desired direction.- Feint with his foot in position: Hold L1/LB still on the site. - Check back with double tap: Quickly move the right stick back and then in Buy Fifa 16 Coins  the diagonal desired, move the left stick.- Backlash with keeper: Hold L2/LT and forward, then press triangle / Y.