The number of goals Messi is 160

FIFA 16 said Neymar revenue will high than Messi The game against Villarreal is Neymar's 361 professional FIFA 16game, he has scored 213 goals, which is a very striking data, to know that he was 22 years old this year. In the same age, the number of goals Messi is 160, while the number of C Luo goals is 98, it means that at the same age, at least in terms of goals, Neymar is better than two of today's football big superstar Lionel Messi and C Ronaldo.Such players, Barca want to stay him as long as possible Buy Fifa 16 Coins.


According to FIFA 16Daily Sports Daily reported on a contract extension with Barcelona Neymar has basically reached a consensus. Neymar's father, take advantage of opportunities in Barcelona, from midDecember last year, the two sides began to discuss the matter, is about to be finalized. It is reported that Neymar will be extended twoyear contract. Until 2020, from the current annual salary of less than 600 million euros, close to 12 million euros double, and once renewed, this season will pay.


In fact joined Barcelona, Barcelona agreed to pay a signing fee of € 60 million, fiveyear FIFA 16contract paid 10 million per year, which means that the actual salary Neymar could reach 22 million euros. Barcelona Messi current annual salary is € 20 million aftertax, which means that Neymar after the contract, revenue is likely to exceed Messi.More news about Messi and Neymar and FIFA 16 coins, please focus on site   fifa16 thought Loukakou did not deserve the praise FIFA president election overall analytical Fifa 16 Coins.

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