Various colors curtain(1)

Everyone has special taste for the favorite things. For girls, most of them would like pink, purple or blue color. For boys, most of them choose white and black which are deep colors. China curtain manufacturer now can supply us with various colors curtains for use in our home decoration.


Green is the color of spring representation and green curtains of bright colors can make people feel good; in the spring feeling breathe freely. It is ideal for home pink, with white furniture in the bedroom, balcony, study space are suspended, it is more suitable for windows. Red curtains from embroidery curtain wholesale in China give passionate feeling, out of the cold winter, feel warm. But as temperatures rise, pure, thick red is also easy to make people feel irritable, freehand this curtain, with the appropriate shades, 100% cotton can block some sunlight, and pink screens let sunlight into the room, not too hot will not be so lonely. In addition, the heart-shaped curtain knot is also very cute!


My friend, which kind of color would you like for your special high quality jacquard curtain? Now we can discuss them together.