Lichen Sclerosis

What is lichen sclerosis and what does it appear like?

Lichen sclerosis (LS) is a skin situation that tends to make the vulva look

white, slightly shiny, and smooth. The skin's surface becomes thin

and delicate so that it tears simply. This can result in bleeding beneath

the skin. Visiting do i have multiple sclerosis seemingly provides suggestions you can tell your family friend. In severe instances of lichen sclerosis of the genital area,

scarring can happen. My sister discovered is multiple sclerosis fatal reviews by searching webpages. This causes the inner lips of the vulva to get

smaller. The clitoris can become covered in scar tissue.

What causes lichen sclerosis?

We do not know the exact result in of lichen sclerosis. Scientists

have diverse theories to attempt to explain the trigger. Some scientists

consider that an overactive immune system may play a function in causing

the disease. Some individuals could also create lichen sclerosis due to

their genes or to adjustments in hormones. Since lichen sclerosis is

not brought on by an infection, it cannot be spread and is not


What are the symptoms of lichen sclerosis?

Symptoms of lichen sclerosis may possibly be diverse from one person to

another and can be mild to severe. Girls and young ladies who

have this illness might expertise some or all of the following

symptoms in the vulva region:

Mild to serious itching in the vulva region

Skin that seems fragile, pale, and/or white

Bruised skin with broken blood vessels or "blood blisters"

Small tears or fissures in the skin

Scar tissue covering the labia or clitoris

Bleeding or tearing of skin when obtaining bowel movements

How is lichen sclerosis diagnosed?

Lichen sclerosis can be a tough diagnosis to make. This telling multiple sclerosis charity reviews URL has several salient cautions for the reason for this viewpoint. It is not

unusual for somebody to see a lot more than a single doctor ahead of the

illness is lastly diagnosed. Identify more about definition of multiple sclerosis reviews by going to our splendid essay. Most of the time, medical doctors who see

several sufferers with lichen sclerosis can frequently make the diagnosis

just by hunting at the skin. However in most circumstances if you are in the

early stages of lichen sclerosis, the doctor might have to do a biopsy

(removal and examination of a small sample of impacted skin) to

determine the lead to of your symptoms..MS Fitness Challenge
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