Home Health Care Guides

Home Health Care Guides

Different Types of Care Home do exist in the market and not all may be right for your elderly loved one. This is why important to know which type of care facility suitable for your loved ones.Let takes a look at 5 types of care given homes.

Care facilities without any nursing care                                                                            

These care homes are residential and this means that people live in them either on a short term or long term basis. In addition to housing, they offer assistance with the individual's personal hygiene, which includes, shaving, washing, oral hygiene, bathing, and nail care.

Care homes with professional nursing care

These types of homes offer the same kind of help as those without any nursing assistance but they also have registered nurses and other experienced care giving staff in regular attendance to those who need complex health care as set by the doctors.

Assisted living homes

In assisted living homes, the person lives independently in their own home which is situated within the grounds of a care home. The person is able to use the care home's facilities such as the lounge and may choose to use extra services such as cooking or laundry.

Home care

In this kind of care is offered in the home by one or more nurses or care workers. They provide the care and assistance needed to enable the elderly continue with their daily life as usual while maintaining a certain level of independence, comfort and contact with friends and family members. The care provided is flexible to ensure just the right amount of assistance is provided when the person needs it and it can be just for a few hours or on a 24 hour basis. The caregivers help in the preparation of meals, dressing, bathing and other tasks the person may have difficulty doing on their own.