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The following op-ed by Hanne Nabintu Herland considerations the Norwegian authorities's persistent delicate spot for the Palestinians. When the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu questioned Rama's Engineering Credentials ignorant North Indians raised a hue a cry about his anti-Hindu should be famous thta Murugan,Ayyappan, Venkat,Raghavendra are South Indian deities and saints. There thanfully an officer (who was a north Indian with some common sense)advised me to go back to the interview. People from North India are slow to understand but when it comes to conceitedness they've it, the dimensions of the b..m of a Japanese Sumo wrestler.

When North Indian muslims of East Pakistan have been killed North Indian leader Jeyaprakash Narayan gave an ultimatum to Indira Gandhi to save lots of Bengali speaking Muslims of North India ( East Pakistan) or GIVE UP. India's and North Indian attitude in direction of Sri Lanka is an ideal example of the deep fissures that exist in this nation that is marching in direction of its final disintegration. The questioner informed him how he being a North Indian was anticipated to guard fellow North indians.

Anyone who has cared to go to the campus of Velore Institute of Know-how, in Vellore,TN would know what these North Indian college students are doing to teh conservative South Indian tradition. These buggers should not have been allowed into South can't anticipate a 86 year old chief Minister of TN to take motion towards thread north these barbaric huns,visigoths,mongols from north who're to destroy south indian culture. North Indians desire to write down the IAS examination in Bihar where open book and mass copying is allowed. My boss, a very good and type hearted north Indian gentleman,(he handed away in 2004).

The Kashmiri Nehrus, UPwallahs, Beharis,Singhs from Punjab and other regional minded Hindi fanatics from Arya Varta ( North India) should hand over Prime Ministership of India the following 60 years so that South indians can rule India. In keeping with CNN, India ruled by Punjabi north indian Manmohan Sing had actually knocked off a innocent Thai Trawler, off the gulf of Eden. The Hindi model of teh question paper helps north Indians to understand the REasoning parts better.

Indian School Textual content books particularly history books speak solely about north indian rulers very hardly ever do they speak about South Indian Kings although they had achieved greater things. He is in essence a typical north indian that suffer from inferiority complex and maintain with contempt any particular person of darker color.