Animals were group housed in floor pens

Animals were group housed in floor pens in an enriched environment at 20±2 °C with a 12:12 h light–dark cycle, free access to hay, inspected daily by trained personnel, and weighed twice weekly. Ascorbate or DHA was supplied in the drinking water for three weeks as outlined above. Weekly blood sampling took place by puncture of Vena saphena lateralis [12] and blood was collected into K3EDTA BD Microtainer tubes [13]. Three weeks after the IC87114 of the experiment, the guinea pigs were preanaesthetized with Zoletil mix (Zoletil 50 vet® (125 mg Tiletamin and 125 mg zolazepam; Virbac, Carros, France) dispersed in xylazin (20 mg/ml, Rompun®, Bayer, Leverkusen, Germany) and butorphanol (10 mg/ml, Torbugesic®, ScanVet Animal Health, Fredensborg, Denmark)) and subsequently anaesthetized by isofluran inhalation (Isoba vet, MSD Animal Health, Netherlands). Upon absence of reflexes (inter-digital and skin incision) thoracotomy was performed and an intra-cardial blood sample obtained using a syringe with an 18 G, 40 mm needle flushed with 15% K3-EDTA. Immediately after sampling, the animal was euthanized by decapitation. Tissues were immediately dissected and frozen on dry ice prior to storage at −80 °C.