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Thanks may also be to Dr. Chaoyang Sun in the Nationwide Climate Center for his enable on drawing the contour map of Lanzhou. This operate is partly supported from the National Fundamental Analysis System of China (2011CB403405).
Sustaining wellbore stability SU11274 is surely an crucial challenge in oil and fuel marketplace [1�C10]. From the approach of drilling, the financial losses brought about by wellbore instability reaches greater than one billion dollar each yr [11], and also the lost time is accounting for in excess of 40% of all drilling linked nonproductive Efaproxiral Sodiumtime [12]. It's also reported that shale account for 75% of all formations drilled by the oil and gasoline field, and 90% of wellbore stability troubles occur in shale formations [13�C18]. When a well is drilled, thenext formation around the wellbore have to sustain the load that was previously taken through the removed formation.

As a result, an increase in worry around the wellbore and strain concentration is going to be developed [19�C23]. In the event the power on the formation is not really solid enough the wellbore are going to be failure [24�C28]. Wellbore stability just isn't only a pure rock mechanical trouble, but additionally the interaction of drilling fluid and shale is really a more vital influence aspect [29�C35]. There are many chemicals inside the drilling fluid which physically and chemically interact with shale formations. One hand, these interactions will result in the manufacturing of swelling pressure [36�C43]. On the other hand, it alleviates the mechanical power with the wellbore wall rock [44�C46]. Furthermore, it ends in wellbore instability.

When studying the wellbore stability in shale, chemical issue need to be combined with mechanical factor. Before the 1990s, the combinations are largely on experimental research. Chenevert studied mechanical properties of shale following hydration considering that 1970s [44]. The results showed the hydration would lower the shale power. Immediately after 1990s, the combinations came right into a quantitative research stage. Yew et al. (1990) [29] and Huang et al. (1995) [47] mixed shale hydrated impact quantitatively to the mechanical model based mostly on thermoelasticity concept. Their approach attributed the rock mechanical properties adjust with total water material. Get shale like a semipermeable membrane, Hale et al. (1993) [48, 49], Deng et al. (2003) [50], and Zhang et al. (2009) [51] launched equivalent pore pressure to research interaction of shale and water base drilling fluid. Ghassemi et al. (2009) [52] proposed a linear chemo-thermo-poroelasticity coupling model, which considers the influence of chemical possible and temperature. Wang et al. (2012) [53, 54] constructed a fluid-solid-chemistry coupling model, by which they considered electrochemical probable, fluid flow induced by ion diffusion.