What is the top method to build links for your site


I have observed in several forums that now a days website homeowners are little confused regarding link constructing for their site. They're not to certain what link constructing techniques they should follow. Not forgetting Google and google heavily count on quality back links. Material optimization is always one factor but these two search-engines are heavily relying on volume of links and of course quality of links. If you choose to dig up more on link emporer discussions, we recommend heaps of resources people can investigate. A link straight back from a site where there are countless links wouldn't assist you to much. At the time of link building many people forget about the need for link building. A theme based link back is more powerful than 20 non appropriate link shells. Some times people deny link exchange demand due to insufficient pr of the link page. But you should know that relevance is more important than page position of a link page. If you obtain a supply for link exchange then first check if the website is in whatever way associated with your business?? If yes then check it is link page for (a) Quantity of outgoing links on that page (b) Does that link page has all sort of sites?? (d) Does that page is accessible from your home page?? These 3 are must.