Making a Child's Hand Print on a Ceramic Hardwood

Making a Child's Hand Print on a Ceramic Hardwood

This is a exciting art regarding a small grouping of mothers and their kiddies, one child per person works the best. If you know any thing, you will perhaps desire to read about ceramicartsandcrafts duncan glaze colors. Each mother will need:

---One gentle brush, any dimension but 1/2' works the very best

---One tiny 1-ounce container of 'One-Stroke Ceramic underglaze', both Duncan E-Z Stroke or Gare One-Stroke. (Needless to say they may discuss these, but it is best if they have at least 3 colors to select from. The best are a dark green, a dark blue or even a dark brown. One container of every color can do 50 hands altogether)

---One pint bottle of 'apparent gloss glaze', which all can use.

---A sponge

---Paper towels and a flannel

---One blank UNglazed ceramic tile, 4-1/4' (for kids a few yrs. old or so) or 6' (for kids more than 3) Unless you know somebody who does hand-painted tile as a career, these would have to be obtained in cases of 100 or so. The best thing would be to call the hobby ceramic stores, where you will get the underglaze and clear glaze, and ask if they have a 'shaped greenware or bisque hardwood they promote', and order the quantity you need. Tell them you would like them 'dismissed to bisque.'

The most crucial thing is that the kids' hands are scrubbed with soap and water, then dry well. Salt, sugar or oils on the hands may avoid the glaze from connection using the tile. For a second perspective, consider having a gaze at: amaco crystaltex glazes information. Make sure to remove the hardwood well using a clean sponge in plain water. Allow to dry a few momemts.

Tell the children that it is like hand-painting just without wiggling their fingers. Allow it to be fun, some get worried. Hold their clear hand lightly over a tile to make sure their hand will fit, fingers spread out somewhat. Choose the right size tile and paint one wet coat of glaze across the level of these open side, not too runny but not too dry, follwing the directions for mixing around the bottle. Attempt to keep their hands from touching, the more still they keep their hand, the better the clarity. Fingerprints will be shown by a good print! But if it smears, it usually does, it's all for fun anyway. Let him go, when he sees another kiddies having a good time he'll offer his hand to be decorated, if it begins to become a battle with the little one. (I say 'h-e' because it is generally the children that wimp out, girls are more ambitious. lol)

Ensure the color goes all the solution to the ends of the fingers and thumb and press the hand along onto the surface of the tile, quickly but carefully and firmly, moving the fingers slightly so the print doesnt appear to be skeleton fingers lol. If you think any thing, you will probably choose to discover about ceramic arts and crafts mayco glaze colors. Lift the hand directly and see how great! Clean their hands with soap, the color is water soluable and non-staining, but dont let them lick it. With a good brush, write the child's name and date or birthday or age directly on the tile. Set it in a safe spot to dry well.

If you should be worried about smearing the dry glaze, ask them to fired at 'cone 04' before painting the obvious gloss on top. That is the proper way, but if the underglaze is excellent and dry and you are cautious, it is ok to put the clear glaze on unfired underglaze and fire the tile once at 'cone 06' and the results will be the same. Either way, obtain the large floppy brush again and paint 3 thin coats of clear gloss on the tile and fire to 'cone 06.'

You should buy frames from many ceramic stores that sell the tiles. They'll last forever. Have a great time!. If people hate to discover more on mayco glazes, we recommend many online resources people might consider pursuing.