Sinorock is a valuable to many industries in ground anchor

As ground anchor supplier,Sinorock is a valuable source to many industries.In China,Sinorock have a strong proven history as the market
leader for reliable self drilling ground anchor,Our manufacturing locations and distribution centers are within hours of important mining regions. This enables us to support your mines with quality products and customized solutions.
The self drilling anchor system is a ground anchor solution in either permanent or temporary form with the ability to reduce the quantity ofrequired anchors when compared to a more traditional solution.
Sinorock is a self drilling ground anchor manufacturer specializing in design for underground-projects—Sinorock for underground
construction and is recognized as an industry authority in these fields.Sinorock associates foremost strength is its innovative approach tosolving unique engineering problems.The sizes we can provide include R25, R32, R38, R51, T30, T40, T52, T73, T76, T103, T111, T127, T130.
This ground anchor system can be integrated with the functions of drilling, grouting and anchoring. It also can ensure the anchoring forcomplex ground conditions.