Uemura Believes Nintendo are "like indies"

The chap who designed the authentic NES console feels that Nintendo has always been driven by men and women.

In a GamesIndustry piece that outlines Masayuki Uemura thought's on Nintendo's. If you still want additional important info relating to the newly released crack technology relating to Nintendo Console, see here.regular require to innovate, he feels how the industry has been steered by "indies since the concept of the specific has been really very important in producing terrific video games."As technological know-how advancements, Uemura believes that "the just one thing you could [leverage] is the specific powerful source."

With that in thoughts, he feels Nintendo "are like indies," making use of the Wii as a primary example of a "paradigm change where all the guidelines transform, exactly where the status quo changes, by coming up with new thoughts."

Do you concur with Uemura's feedback?