What to Know About PT6 Engine

The development of the PT6 engine came at a time when the military focus was on fighter airplanes that would be able to handle the higher speed as well as the power without the weight of a bigger radial engine. Consequently, the PT6 turbine was designed to accommodate many power stages, based on the demands of the flight plan.



The scalability of the engine was a new concept, as before to this point a complete renovation and alternative was required for such types of changes.

Along with the ability to change power within the turbine, the PT6 engine also provided a new type of maintenance protocol. The PT6 allowed technicians to operated with the turbine as a two-part engine while it was still attached to the aircraft. This removed most of the time that was required to service the current radial engines.

As the PT6 is even now used substantially in military fleets, it is also highly well-known with private pilots and owners of small commercial fleets.



This is because of a combination of the versatility of the engine for different flight plans; more powerful power regulation throughout the flight; better fuel efficiency; the lightness of the turbine for smaller craft and the ability to hold up against the environmental conditions, such as sand, without engine failure. All these relate back to both the preliminary quality of the PT6 engine design as well as the changes that have streamlined function throughout the years.


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