Healing Benefits of Pressure Point Massage

If you have ever had a sore shoulder, an achy knee or other physical ailment, then you may benefit from pressure point or trigger point massage.

When the myofascia, or the soft tissue that covers the muscles, is overused or traumatized, it can tear and/or adhere. These injuries in the soft tissue are trigger points, and trigger points can prevent muscles from working well, and can cause pain.

Often these trigger points refer or send pain to a different part of the body. For example, an inflamed trigger point in the back can send shooting pain into the shoulder, causing sever pain. This pain is often mistaken as bursitis, when it is actually the firing of trigger points located in the back.

Trigger points are spots in the fascia that are hyper-irritable. They are easily irritated and cause pain in various areas of the body. Unexplained pain radiates from these points to broader areas in the body, sometimes located far from the original trigger point.

Pressure point massage is the technique of locating the trigger points on the body, then gently pressing or stimulating them, to cause them to relax. The gentle pressure of trigger point massage allows the muscle to stop its spasm and release, thus relieving the pain.

Often, when applying gentle pressure to a trigger point, a spasm will occur within the myofascia, indicating a release. It is imperative, however, not to overstimulate the point, because this may cause a new, more intense series of spasm.