Prayer Alarm App

Prayer Alarm App

Sometimes we have moments, even months or years in which we feel we have lost ourselves. In that condition we wonder to ourselves how can we get that zeal and energy back which motivated us to do good deeds, remembering Allah and waking up by beating the nafs and shaitan.

"_Wakeup alarm app"_ allows us to get back to the previous routine or to train yourself for waking up for fajr. Prayer alarm app is needed to prepare ourselves mentally and spiritually that ultimately results in physical practice. In this regard, fajr alarm app will prove beneficial.  


 The wakeup alarm app is the reminder of your true purpose in life. We have been sent in this world for doing good deeds and to engage in remembrance of Allah, and at the same time we are instructed to follow the sayings of Allah and His Prophet Mohammad Peace and blessing be upon him. Soan alarm app for prayer will help you motivate yourselves to become regular in your prayer. Choosing to start your day with praying fajr is a crucial choice between success and loss, and the success can be achieved by using a prayer alarm app that daily boosts yourselves up to wake up and say your fajr prayer or any of the five prayers of the day on the exact time. This needs attachment to our Creator; if you are attached to Allah the fajr prayer seems to you among the most important duties the rest of the day. You will then find the peace and satisfaction in the soul, which motivates you to rise again the next day and you will have good vibes all day long.


 A spiritual practice to help you to know your creator which is the key to waking you up for fajr. When you are aware of the reason of your creation. You can be something close to Allah ta’ala if you take steps towards Him. Here are some tips:

• Feel regretful if you missed the prayer, promise never to do it again, ask for forgiveness and make it up immediately.

• Try to avoid major sins in daily life and ask for taufiq.


WakeUp Alarm App " If your heart wants to wake up for fajr but your body is not, you will feel it becomes very hard and this may lead to regret later on. Some preparation before going to bed is required:

• Imagine and realize yourself waking up, washing and praying.

• Train your mind with determination before you go to bed; that you have to wake up for fajr and it’s the most important assignment you have.

• Promise yourself a reward; i.e. to have a grand breakfast if you wake up for fajr.

• Remember the rewards of the fajr salah.


•Try to sleep as early as possible if you do not have any thing important to do after salatul ‘ishaa`.

•Try not have heavy meals in the evening or night as this will make it harder for you to get up for fajr.

 *"_Prayer Alarm App"_  You don’t need to put two or three alarms with a million snooze times, you can download the app, Fajr WakeUp, and receive an incoming call to wake you up. The call will ensure you don’t fall asleep again.

• You can also put an alarm on Fajr WakeUp and place the phone somewhere else. This will force you to get up and answer the incoming call; and the conversation will prevent you from going back to bed again.

• For that you need the best alarm app for prayer that sounds the Azaan. This adhan will sound your ears and ring in your heart; and it will give you enthusiasm and motivation for waking up praying the fajr salah.

• All these practices make you feel high with emaan, because you have determined your mind, heart and body to wake up for fajr.


 MAY ALLAH TA’ALA enable us to make us from among the ones who rise and pray fajr consistently, out of gratitude and submission, Ameen!