When dual entrance doors for an normal room cause you to be insane

Sliding Door GearHello Jeffrey,

We recently purchased a house that has double doors leading in to the master suite. The bedroom isn't big and I find the doors a lttle bit pretentious and also difficult. We never have both doorways open simultaneously plus they're hollow and I seriously don't like them. Would it be odd to replace the existing double doors with one single door, filling in the leftover space with drywall? Any ideas are welcome.



Hey there Janice,

I've been in houses like you describe which make me scratch my head over the placement of double doors into the master bedroom. It seems like as if the designer is attempting a touch too tough to help to make a typical size room a "master bed room."

Before you decide to permanently lessen the space leading in to your bed room, think about adding design attention by switching out the dual doors for a sliding door. Use either a single sliding door (should you have sufficient wall space to fit the panel when it's open) or perhaps dual sliding doors (where each panel parks left and right of the opening). Take into account this does not have to suggest a barn door or even look as you just moved in to an urban loft (even if this juxtaposition may go with your home furniture). Sliding doors reflect almost all styles, regardless of whether modern, mission, transitional or perhaps traditional, in addition to hardware can be exposed or hidden. For additional information about Top Hung Garage Doors click this link.

Your sliding doors can hang from equipment directly above the opening or from the ceiling. If you don't have high ceilings I propose hanging the doors from the track on the ceiling so that the door panels look to be part of the wall, visually elevating the area. Paint the doors the same colour as your wall (rather than the trim colour), so they blend in any time closed or open. Alternatively, in the event you suspend the track over your door and don't want exposed hardware, use a metal or wooden valance to cover the hardware.

Should you genuinely wish to add personality to your bedroom, take a page from designer Christy Bowen's book and hang showstopper vintage doors on a sliding track.

If exposed sliding doors aren't the answer but you just desire to reduce the opening to your bed room consider using this opportunity to install a pocket door in which retreats into the wall. Simple for tight spaces, pocket doors add decorative intrigue to any room they're placed in. They're usually considered expensive along with difficult (and often extremely hard) to install after a home is created, however if you simply intend on reducing the opening to your bedroom here is the ideal time for you to use that extra space for a pocket door.