Categories of LED lighting design

Lighting design can be divided into outdoor lighting design and interior lighting design. Lighting is a more flexible and full of interesting design element that can be a catalyst for the atmosphere when we buy a LED light from LED light manufacturer China. Lighting arrangement can be divided into direct and indirect.


Direct light refers to those who direct style of light, such as chandeliers and lighting, etc., the light directly scattered in the specified location, projected a circle of light, for lighting or to highlight the theme of the use, direct and simple. Indirect lighting in the atmosphere will create the energy to play a unique functionality, creating a different mood. I think China 18W 1200mm T8 LED tube light would give me this feeling. Its light does not shine directly to the ground, but was placed in the wall of the recess, behind the back of smallpox or wall carpet, the light is projected onto the wall and then reflected to the ground, soft lighting as if gently scrub the entire space, gentle and romantic.


With appropriate lighting match, in order to create a perfect space mood, we can make high quality modern LED ceiling light in our house more functional in daily life.