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painting Decal Stencil Intro: Sportstyle Facepainting Decal Stencil Ss, I've been seeing a growing number of people around San Francisco with peculiar facial adornments.

Under each eye, they wear a sticker, mainly black, with an icon in the middle that apparently represents some local sporting organisation or team. They say it is "football" or "baseball", but the former looks more like the famous game of "handegg", and the latter does not seem to be a sport, as it appears to consist largely of consuming large amounts of beer and junk food whilst watching grown men have public moncler uk store temper tantrums.

Anyway, I thought, why can't we proclaim our support for Instructables in the same decorative manner? One presumes that such adhesive moncler uk icons could be printed commercially, but this is Instructables, and there is a laser cutter in the corner.