How to Find Best Movers and Packers in Sydney

How to Find Best Movers and Packers in Sydney

What’s there to “find”? Just ‘Google’ or search the Yellow Pages for Movers and Packers right? Actually no, you couldn’t be further from reality.


Packers and Movers are alike and yet not alike. They are alike in that they all provide packing and moving service but are they all the same? Definitely not!


For example, almost all will offer “Free” unlimited boxes. On D-day you realize that their fine print limits these “free unlimited boxes” to small one cubic foot boxes of which, most people only need a few. Rest is all billable. Unless you sit across the table and talk to these guys there is no saying just what is actually provided and what isn’t. ‘Googling’ or going through Yellow pages can at best be only the first step to securing a good Business Relocations Sydney or, you can directly head for the best of the best which would be Xoom Sydney Removalists (


Xoom Sydney Removals have set a higher benchmark and believe in doing the right thing by the customer as opposed to doing the right thing by cash register. Again, rather than just call them up and fixing a date for the move, we recommend you sit across the table with them so that Xoom understands your requirements and can recommend the best options that best suit your requirement. Trust us, there’s more to movers and packers in Sydney than is generally known.


The better run movers and packers or backloading removals Sydney (including Xoom Sydney Removalists), have a variety of vehicles ranging from small vans to large, multi-axel heavy load trailers; they have customer care execs who will visit your home or office, eye ball everything that you want packed and moved and can recommend not just the size of vehicle that will be required, they will also know what type of Business Relocation Company Sydney will be required, how many of each, type of packing materials and quantities. Armed with this information, they can give you a very precise written quote with inclusions clearly mentioned. This is a far better option than assuming what is and what is not included and ending up in an argument on D-day. Too many people have gone down the “assumption road” and ended up with bitter memories of the move.


There is a difference between “I think 50 boxes should do it” and “you will require 14 boxes of 6 cubic feet each, 3 Wardrobe boxes, 1 mirror box, 5 Dish boxes …”. The first is vague and will most likely lead to arguments and disappointment.


The Furniture Removalists will readily agree to send a customer exec to your home or office – go for this.