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We look at this closely watched economic indicator to see what it means and how it's calculated. Consumers’ expectations for the short-term outlook, however, remained relatively flat, although there was a modest improvement in income expectations. The Consumer Sentiment Index is a component of the Conference Board's template of economic indicators. There are no real data sets here, and people are not economists, so they cannot be counted on to realize that, for example, because petrol prices may only represent 5% of their expenses, they should not sour their entire economic outlook. “Consumer confidence increased moderately in September, following August’s sharp rebound,” said Lynn Franco, Director of Economic Indicators at The Conference Board. When economic data comes out, it can have a marked impact on the currency market. The University of Michigan’s preliminary index of sentiment decreased to 92.9 in August from 93.1 in July, the lowest level since November. Here’s how to track it. 2015 Is Turning Out to Be a Terrible Year for Investors This release is frequently released early. Base year 1966=100. Consumers were somewhat mixed about the job market.

Philips announces expanded indications for its SkyFlow X-ray imaging software at RSNA 2015 - Yahoo Finance

A study found that radiographers using SkyFlow technology in a grid-less workflow for chest exams saw an average of 34 seconds of time savings per examination compared to workflow with a grid2. SkyFlow can be used for all patient types, including bariatric cases. "Philips understands the growing need of healthcare providers to increase cost savings while improving patient care," Robert Cascella, executive vice president and CEO, Philips Imaging. "SkyFlow helps providers meet these challenges by simultaneously increasing productivity and patient comfort through shorter examination times and more comfortable positioning without a grid." High quality images, improved clinician efficiency Often radiographers face challenging work environments due to varying patient conditions, tight spaces in the exam room, and the tangle of tubes and cords to navigate. Clinicians often choose not to use a grid in imaging to save time related to grid alignment and ensure patient comfort. Historically, grid-less imaging resulted in scattered radiation, causing a significant loss of image contrast, making it difficult for radiologists to make an accurate diagnosis. However, grid-less workflow with SkyFlow technology provides grid-like image contrast and enables faster, less error-prone workflows than other non-grid options. "With SkyFlow, our chest images which don't use a grid are of a very high quality, and we look forward to seeing this enhancement used for other body parts and applications," said John Berns, Radiologic Technologist, Sint Maartenskliniek Hospital, Nijmegen, the Netherlands . On Wednesday, Dec.

But the slope resembles the regression trend for real GDP shown below, and it is a more revealing gauge of relative confidence than the 1985 level of 100 that the Conference Board cites as a point of reference. The Consumer Sentiment Index is a component of the Conference Board's template of economic indicators. The cut-off date for the preliminary results was September 17. experienced Recognizing a market bottom can lead to huge opportunities for an investor. The monthly Consumer Confidence survey, based on a probability-design random sample, is conducted for The Conference Board by Nielsen, a leading global provider of information and analytics around what consumers buy and watch. Falling gasoline prices have helped to buoy consumer sentiment. That's an increase from 64% previous month. Consumers’ appraisal of current conditions was more positive in September. The first is a preliminary figure while the second is the final revised figure.