Cause for concern: stained teeth

Cause for concern: stained teeth

How did I get here? Stained Teeth 101


In retrospect it’s so utterly obvious how I and so many other alike all reached this point. Smoking and coffee. It was a long battle that I was facing, but I just recently REALLY noticed after looking in the mirror. I have a toothache, and even for emergency dental care I go to the same dentist, so in order to explain to my dentist exactly what is happening to me I was looking very closely into the mirror to see my injured tooth. It was then that I really noticed the staining of my mouth.


Don’t even go there- Prevent staining


Teeth are delicate.. They break easily, they rot easily giving you bad breath, and they are porous after all, don’t forget that! They will absorb things they come in come in contact with over extended time periods. This means that keeping teeth in contact with dangerously potent materials is in your best interest.

If you were to zoom in and REALLY look at teeth, you’d see that they are comprised of thousands of small holes, small pores that can hold and retain substances that you put in your mouth. Now from the exterior, or using your tongue, they feel like a hard substance with no holes. Well that’s just from the exteriors. Just like the skin, teeth are composed are full of these pores.

What are the things that cause staining? Well only the most commonly used and most popular things! Coffee, Tea, Soda, and Wine! How are we supposed to live without the staples of life?

Well the answer is to use a straw! Maybe not for the coffee, or wine, or tea. But definitely for the soda! Best would be to avoid all of these, but how can one live life without the essentials? Swishing wine is one act you should avoid. I know, this is part of the procedure that you are supposed to do when in a high-class place and tasting expensive and deliciously earthy wines.


Don’t do it! Also, after eating and drinking things, swish teeth with water and brush your teeth. Doing these things also helps avoid toothache.


So what exactly are the foods that are staining?


•    All kinds of Berries- The juice is very strong and can seep into the pores of the teeth. The specialists in pediatric dentistry must "like" the fact that almost all of the kids love drinking berries derivated juices, as much as they "like" sugar related holidays.

•    Heavy sauces

So what inspired this blog post? Well recently I was in Sunnyvale, California visiting family. We traveled to a lot of places and I made an observation about. Stained teeth in Sunnyvale was startling! I saw so many people in this city with dangerously stained levels of whites.

Fix stained teeth

Fixing stained teeth is fairly simple and not as invasive as other procedures like a tooth extraction. Over the counter solutions like teeth whiteners are cheap and easy to do at home. A dentist can also do a procedure that stains the teeth with chemicals that reverse the process. You can choose!