Teeth Whitening Procedure

Teeth Whitening Procedure

Easy Teeth whitening

Home Solutions to do cheap teeth whitening. To use, mix these together and apply to teeth, brushing for about 5 minutes. These are easy teeth whitening procedures.

    Coconut Oil- This is not a whitening procedure, but it does help to rid the bacteria on the teeth. This bacteria weakens the enamel and makes them more susceptible to becoming stained. Simple swash your stained teeth with a coconut oil concoction mixed with water.
    Strawberry and Baking Soda Scrub- This mix is high in Vitamin C, essential material to break down plaque in your mouth. There is also malic acid, which removes surface stains. Strawberries mixed with baking soda and salt really acts as an abrasive substance that removes stains on the enamel.
    Baking Soda and Lemons- Baking soda is alkaline, which means that it is the opposite of acidic, so it helps balance out the pH level of the teeth.

Other solutions

    Tooth whitening paste- Toothpastes that have lots of sodium bicarbonate help prevent discolored teeth.
    Tooth whitening kits- these kits that you can buy over the counter contain a bleach that changes the natural color of the tooth. The process takes about an hour everyday for around one to two weeks.
    Whitening strips- These are applied over the teeth and contain a peroxide type gel that whitens the teeth.
    Teeth whitening dentist- This is important if you have existing crowns and caps or veneers, these kinds of teeth will not experience the whitening process and thus will stand out among your new white teeth. Dentists can apply their skills to fix all teeth.
    Eat and drink with caution- Staying away from foods and materials that stain your teeth can be the best proactive way to avoid discoloration of the teeth. I mention the foods that are bad in my home page of this blog.

For me the most surprising that was abrasive and harmful to the enamel on my teeth was this: Sports Drinks!! The strong subtances can wear teeth down over time. The same is true for lemonade and other acidic drinks. I used to drink lime juice straight as a child and could literally feel my teeth breaking down and becoming weaker.