pcb quote online Xbox Repair: DVD Drive And Power Supply

Xbox Repair: DVD Drive And Power Supply Gaming consoles is becoming more and more popular not only with the kids but with the adults as well. Our fast paced technology has pushed the limits and boundaries of these gadgets in order to meet the demands of consumers all over the world. Xbox is one of these popular gaming consoles which offer an experience that gamers out there are hoping for. However, Xbox is not yet perfect. As of today, we can still experience some troublesome issues. Read on further to get a quick overview about Xbox and some of its issues for Xbox repair.

Microsoft first gaming console is Xbox and was introduced in the console market in the late part of 2001 in North America. The name Xbox was derived from the name DirectX box. Here are http://pcbonline.allmyblog.com/ some Xbox repair tips on how to resolve issues in regards to power supply failure and DVD drive problems. Unable to recognize the game disc is one of the common http://www.freewebsite-service.com/pcbonline/Blog.php problems that every game console happens to experience.

You may already experienced dirty error message shown in your Xbox display screens. This indicates that the gadget has failed to recognize your disc and this in turn may result in skipping movies or slow loading time. To solve this, you may want to replace the DVD drive with your PC DVD drive. Although there is a risk that you cannot play standard Xbox games, by doing installing a mod chip will make the drive usable again. You can also ask Microsoft to replace your Xbox DVD drive with a new one. There are no modifications needed for this one. If your Xbox DVD Drive is not functioning at all you may check the 2 small fuses on the drive PCB on the opposite side of the BA chips, the brown rectangles with MP200 markings on them. A 200mA fuse from an open circuit (burst) is what you needed to replace if ever you found it broken.

Busted Power Supply Tips. Sometimes, power supply also fails. This is usually preceded by a popping sound right after your attempt to turn your Xbox. Most of the times, when you plug in the power cord of the product; you may experience sparks and crackle sounds. A faint smoke may also be detected followed by a faint smell of burnt electricity. In this case, the first thing you need to do for Xbox repair is to check the parts of your Xbox. Once you successfully open your Xbox, locate the tab that is broken loose and burnt. Clean the vaporized lead on the affected tabs in order to loosen it and get the stuff. You may need to use alcohol poured in a q-tip in order to do so. Use a blade to scrap off the lead and then dab a little flux and heat it up to 800 degrees or 30+ watt iron. Use the soldering iron to fix the joint to make a solid connection. You can also pick up the part of the power supply that is busted from an electronic store near you or you can use a standard AT power supply if you would prefer to.

It is fun playing with your Xbox. Although you may experience problems such as these, it is still advisable for you not to mess around and do your Xbox repair on your own especially if you do not have background knowledge about electronics. It is still best to leave the work to the professionals.

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