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When disaster strikes it will usually catch people by surprise. When I go hiking, fishing, or any outdoor activity, I always make sure I take at least a pocket knife with me. Even a small pocket knife is better than no knife. There are ways you can make cutting tools if you did not have a knife but I am going to assume you do have one. Now you have all you need to make primitive survival weapons to get food or defend yourself from predators.
One of the most simplest and quickest weapons to make is the throwing stick. You need to find a relatively straight stick about the thickness of a broom handle. The heavier the wood the better. Then you cut it to one to one and a half feet long, and you want to remove any branches, twigs, or debris along its sides. Now you will need to sharpen both ends so they become a sharp point. That is it, you can use this to get rabbits, squirrels, or birds. If you make two of these, you can now move to making a throwing star.
A throwing star is basically two throwing sticks that latch together making a four pointed weapon instead of a two pointed weapon. You want to keep the thickness and weight of the two sticks as similar as possible. You will need to cut out a one inch notch in both sticks about half way through the thickness of the stick. Make sure the notch is same width and length on both sticks. this will create a tight and snug connection. Connect both sticks together lining up the notches together. Then use twine or cordage to bind the two together so when you throw it they do not come apart.
The last survival weapon is the spear. There are a couple of ways to make a spear, the quick way and the over time long way. The quick way is to find a straight stick that is long as you are tall, and it has the same thickness from end to end. You then sharpen one end and clean off any debris like the throwing sticks. Now you have a spear. The long version of making a spear is to find a tree branch or if you have the means cut down a small tree. You will then carve all sides of the branch or limb until you have a spear with the thickness you want. Doing it this way takes a lot of time, but will produce a denser stronger spear because you are using the inside of the trees core. This is harder and more durable wood.
There are many more useful weapons you could make, but these are quick and easy to make. You should not wait for a disaster to happen before trying to make tools you need to survive. You can practice in your own back yard. Get good at making and throwing accurately, and you will soon see that using primitive survival weapons is as effective as a rifle. The more you practice survival techniques the more confidence you will have when faced with a real emergency.

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