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Why you need survival food supplies, when you have enough food at home and also you have stocked vegetables and fruits for use in future. There seems no need to store more foodstuff as you don't predict a situation, where you can run out stocked meal and need additional consumables to survive.

Emergent situations don't happen on daily basis but when an emergency comes, it brings many problems with it. First problem is disruption of normal life that can take months to become normal. Second is price rise due to destruction of man and material. Third thing is spread of disease due to non-availability of quality food items. Fourth thing is problem in finding vegetables and fruits, you like most.
If you think that the emergency would come from nature then you are mistaken as you can find yourself stuck in an emergent situation that is very personal to your. For instance take loss of job and no work for months. In this situation, you can save your savings by using stocked foodstuff. If you are not prepared then you would have to spend all your savings in buying vegetables and fruits.
Survival food supplies make a lifeline for campers, hikers and hunters, who want to spends some time in the wild, where there is nothing to cook. There are instances that tell how campers stuck in wild waited for long for help to come. Surviving with no food and water was a horrifying experience for them. When they were saved, they realized the value of keeping emergency food packets that they didn't take just to save a few hundred dollars.
An emergency meal packet costs a few hundred dollars but it can save a priceless life. This foodstuff can open a lifeline for you, when you are stuck in an adverse life threatening situation. Whether you live in city or you are a village dweller, you need to stock survival food supplies to meet an emergent situation that can arrive anytime without warning.
Stocking survival food supplies would help you survive unfriendly situations and also it can help you enjoy your favorite meals, when you want to do nothing but rest and relax. Store the food packets that you can consume before the meal completes its life term. Don't waste the meal by throwing it out as it would be wasting your investment. Consume the stocked meal before it expires. Since this food tastes great and is nutritious as well, you would simply eating the packed food.

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