Be ready for a few bighitters

Rs 3 Gold Performing the same SOS emote 4 times no longercompletes to RS Gold the diary task asking you to perform each of the 4 emotes.?Sea snake kills Buy Fire Cape are now tracked on the slayer log.?Seasnakes have been added to the slayer skill guide.

You can now casttelegrab around Seers'courthouse.?Prevented some diary task messagesfrom appearing if you haven't started the related diary.?Bracelets ofclay no longer randomly consume charges if you haven't completed theVarrock achievement diary.?Fixed a labeling issue on the femaleuncharged tanzanite helm.07 Rs Gold?Filtered some game messagesrelating to agility obstacles and pickpocketing.In Other News...Behindthe Scenes...Ian and Mod Ash are working away on Resizable Mode.Thegameframe elements are coming on well,with option buttons to controlthe chatbox transparency and the layout of the stone buttons:...butthere's a lot of work still to do,Cheap Rs Gold reviewing around 540interfaces to make them handle a resizable screen.

Be ready for a few bighitters!Ask your queries on the forums,on Reddit,or on Twitter mistreatment the hashtag.To celebrate National client Service Week,we've grabbed a number of our team to require half in an exceedingly special A to share what it's they are doing,what we have a tendency to decide to do to assist you within the future,and conjointly what they need lined up for client Service week!Ask your queries onthe forums tomorrow to Buy RS Gold and therefore the team can answer as several as they can!