Thunder in a goal from distance

FIFA 16 Draft is a very welcome addition to the series, although one that many players will not reap the benefits of on a regular basis. This is largely down to the fact a Draft Token is priced at 15,000 in-game coins - a fee which requires a substantial amount of grinding in regular Ultimate Team. The alternative is for players to purchase a Draft Token through microtransactions (in this case, 300 Fifa 16 Coins CheapPoints - approximately £2.50).

As for the graphics, I don't even know where to start. They have updated some players with minimal details (Gareth Bale), and the only player that has been updated to today's standards is Lionel Messi. That doesn't take away the fact that players just look chubby in general, and some players don't even look anywhere near how they really look like in real life (Dries Mertens from Napoli, or again, Memphis Depay from Man United).

Thunder in a goal from distance and the way the ball hits the net coupled with the player celebrations, the crowd reaction and the commentary feels just right. Martin Tyler and Alan Smith are on the mics once again and you won't be surprised to hear the look of the game, especially the menus and layout,  Fifa 16 Coins Cheap  is so slick and well oiled.