Astronomical telescope matters needing attention

Absolutely cannot directly through a telescope to watch the sun, watching the sun must be through the projection or have special filter measures´╝îbut can watch the stars;


Don't put a telescope as a toy, the telescope is a precision optical instrument, careful operation and maintenance


Don't believe anything through telescopes can see through the telescope can watch indeed unable to distinguish between object and object to the naked eye on the details, but watch the better the results, the higher the price, there is no perfect telescopes, choose to suit oneself is the most important;ements.


For each telescope, has its suitable magnification.Over this ratio does not enhance the resolving power, can make objects instead become very dark, hard to see.60 ~ 80 diameter telescope, suitable magnification should be less than 100 times, 200 times the magnification of almost can't see anything.


If you cannot identify more than five constellations in the night sky, don't try so hard to use a telescope, because they cannot find the stars, to observe can only look at the moon;


Telescopes usually can also watch the scenery or animals and plants, can easily get higher magnification than binoculars.But use ratio should be below 100 times, 20 to 50 times the most appropriate.