Quartz Stone Perfectly Used as Flooring Tile

Quartz stone is thought to be the strongest quartz stone and get high popularity in home renovation. The hardness of quartzite stone is greater than 7, just second to the diamond. Due to its dense surface, quartz stone are widely received and wanted by most homeowners and building suppliers. Quartz stone doesn’t require a sealing and polishing when used for flooring.

Quartz stone of non-porous surface and will not absorb water and liquid, which makes them the best choice for kitchen and bathroom flooring. Especially, there is no space for bacteria and gems to hide.

Differ from other stones, quartz stone is easy to clean, and of high durability, highly resistant to stain and heat. If you want a stylish and unique patterns, then just fix them with different colors and patterns. There are wide ranges of colors for options, from white, black, gray, red to deep blue and so on. While remember to ask a professional for quartz stone installation if you can do it on your person.

Maintenance and Caring for Quartz stone flooring

Before the stain dries out, clean it right now. Do not use high content of acid or vinegar for cleaning and removing the stains. Soft cleaner would be a better choice.

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