Why are they removing "In God We Trust" from our moeny? Why can't we trust in God anymore? Would "In Allah We Trust" be preferred?

"And Jesus answering said 日本婚禮 unto them, Render to Caesar the factors that are Caesar's, and to God the factors that are God's." (Mk twelve:17). "For the really like of income is the root of all varieties of evil." (1 Tim six:ten)

It ought to never ever have been on the currency in the initial location. By no means thoughts the separation of Church and State (which in the US must have been a given - 1st Amendment), God would not have condoned it both.

The Arabic name "Allah" is derived from the Aramaic "Eloi", as is the Hebrew "El" - each races are descended from Abraham, soon after all. In the Coptic (Christian) Bible, God is invariably named Allah - which is His title in Arabic.