Development for pioneer t shirt

I don’t have a great background as my parents are farmers and my relations are farmers. I still become my company’s boss as a little T-shirt supplier in China. Now I want to show you my experience and my company’s development for sharing my success.


I made some candy wholesale and high quality bags wholesale in my college which will give me basic ideas for the business now. Of course, the most important thing is that I have learned some basic knowledge for the economy in my university which will give me the business minds. Now my company focuses on t shirts production and I’m an election printed t shirt supplier too for this kind of industry is good for the requirements. If you have interest for listening to my successful road after graduation, you can have a talk with me as I’m search persons who want to do the business with me together.


Don’t think that you just can buy best polo shirts in ZheJiang! You can image you can produce this kind of clothes too. You can join me if you have read this article.